Traditions & Passions

As Lovida Family Mill, we have been continuing the olive groving struggle started by our grandfathers for 90 years. As the generations after our grandfathers

who made a living by cultivating olives in the difficult conditions of those times, we do agriculture and olive cultivation without forgetting our traditions but proceeding in the light of science.


We are committed to our business with passion ..

Taking full advantage of the opportunities offered by science and technology; We aimed to do good agriculture with respect to olives, to turn the products we obtain into products under the best conditions and to bring these products to you by storing and packaging them in the best conditions.

Lovida is named after the combination of love-ida ‘Love’ (LOVE) and ‘ida’ (name of mountain KAZDAĞI in mythology). That means lovida (love of ida).

Our olive groves are located in Ayvalık, in a geography with the world’s most perfect microclimate.

Our aim is to produce quality olive oil and introduce “Turkish Olive Oil” to the whole world. We work passionately for this …

As Lovida Family Mill; We are producing olives and olive oil within the scope of GOOD AGRICULTURE practices with our 4,800 olive trees located on our 400 decares of land in Ayvalık’s Murateli village and Mutluköy village.


Lovida Family Mill

Our Boutique Olive Store in Ayvalik

butik zeytinyağı dükkanı ayvalık
boutique olive store

We show our care during the production phase while stocking and packaging our olive oils. We use our bottles in European Standards, and we ship our products in wooden cases.

Lovida Zeytinyağı Mağazası Ayvalık